Where will the money be spent?
The money will be spent on families and individuals in impoverished areas primarily residing in Albania and nearby Albanian-speaking regions in the balkans. We will focus on food shelter and clothing, working our way up to housing and educational programs as our donor number increases. That?s why we are counting on you to join the family of daily $1 donors.
How often does my card get charged?
Your card will not be charged every day. Every 7 days, your card will be charged $7. This minimizes the transaction fees to pennies and maximizes the funds used for our charity work for our people. Your card will be automatically charged every 7 days until you cancel your subscription. $7 a week is equivalent to $1 per day.
Is it safe?
Absolutely! Authorize.net is the credit card processing company we use. It is one of the leading credit card processing companies in the market, which allows you the peace of mind in ensuring that your information is safe and protected.
I've already donated a dollar a day, how can I continue to help?
You may help spread the message of families in need via sharing our website, asking others to donate, following our Instagram and Facebook page @xhamadanifoundation, and remembering us in your prayers.
Is Xhamadani Foundation recognized by the IRS?
Yes, we are recognized by the IRS. We hold a nonprofit tax deductible status 501(c)3.
What are the benefits of only accepting donations of $1 per day?
Sustainably and scalability are the benefits. $1 a day consistently adds up to a large number at the end of the month and year, providing a bigger difference long-term. It?s sustainable because it allows us to confidently predict our capacity to help, accurately planning the frequency and ability, both short term and long term, of the assistance we can provide. This also allows us to scale incrementally over time and gives us the freedom to focus on those in need instead of being dependent on only a few big donors. With $1 a day, anyone can become part of the support family – a guarantee that your $1 per-day donation will be more effective when pooled with other thousands of daily dollar donors.
How do you decide who to help and who handles the initiatives?
A board member will be present at the time of each initiative. We scout the area ourselves, through our network of trusted and respected members of the community in Albania, who have demonstrated trustworthiness by their charitable activities and by recommendations of other respected community members here in the US, or in the motherland.
If we'd like to contribute larger amounts or would like to help organize and/or visit the areas where assistance is needed, who do we contact?
The best way you can support our efforts is by joining our daily donation options of $1/day, $10/day or $100/day. (Please note: You may cancel at any time, if you are not satisfied with the charity.) We will only accept checks for single donations payable to the Xhamadani Foundation Inc. Please feel free to email [email protected] for any other questions, comments, or concerns.